This custom designed chandelier was built for Charlie from the antlers he shipped to us from Alaska in 2018.  These antlers are uniquely beautiful. The finished size was 5’X5’ with 12 lights. Original and Fantastic. Notice the bottom blend of tines!

The Caribou Charlie Chandelier

Custom Caribou Charlie's Chandelier

This is our newest Caribou Antler Chandelier with antlers provided by Charlie from Alaska. Measures 5ft across, 12 lights.

Posted by Ragged Mountain Antler Chandeliers: Custom Antler Lighting Since 1988 on Monday, November 26, 2018


Below 5′ Tall , 8 light chandelier. Custom designed abstract antler chandelier for the “Awesome Lake Lodge” with chalets in NF, Canada, following their dimensions and restrictions of using only caribou and moose. (2016) Also ten originally designed moose sconces called “gorgeous”, not seen on the website, phone for photos.

As antler artisans, we have been creating timeless caribou, elk, and deer antler chandeliers for homes and cabins across North America since 1988. Our extensive experience constructing artistic items and accessories from antlers allows us to create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces for our clients that make great accents to any environment.

One of a kind Caribou Asymmetrical Chandelier Knight’s Inn Leavenworth WA.

Symmetrical or asymmetrical, your own antlers or ours, we have the ability to create a piece of abstract art that truly rises above the work of our competitors. While antlers are hard to manipulate, we are still able to take many design ideas presented to us by clients to the table. We have a keen eye for the shape and workings of the antlers that we craft with, and with that are able to construct a fluid, balanced piece of functional artwork that will be the envy of guests and a cherished heirloom for generations to come. Before you decide on a request for a custom design, browse the pieces from our line of asymmetrical antler designs.

We offer unusual designs like these chandeliers ….

Caribou Northern Lights

View this Asymmetrical Caribou chandelier from 4 sides

Caribou Keyes

Customer designed Caribou chandelier. Bleached white antlers & the client’s own shades.

A uniquely custom designed chandelier called “the Slider” built to fit a narrow table area.