Custom Built Antler Chandeliers

Display the perfect merging of the great outdoors with your décor by utilizing the creative talents of the Ragged Mountain Antler Chandelier team. Our artistic antler lamps have been lighting up homes since 1988, making us one of the oldest original designers in the business. Many have tried to copy our unique style, but accept no imitations! We piece together each antler chandelier using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Send us your prized antlers and let us commemorate your hunting trophy or antler collection in a stunning piece that will amaze your guests. The elegance crafted in each and every antler chandelier will weave a tapestry of style, nature, and the amalgamation of interior design with an appreciation of the animal kingdom.

Look over our site to see the most popular styles we can construct or suggest your own; compare our creations with your own unique tastes. Our antler chandeliers and lamps make amazing centerpieces to pull a room together!

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 Canadian Jewel Antler ChandelierCanadian Jewel #1 Customer Choice
Magnificently and gracefully fills a high ceiling space either over furniture or center stage. Elk, muledeer with whitetail antlers hugging the lights.
Either 38" or 48" tall and 3 feet wide.

 Symmetrical Centerpiece Antler ChandeliersJewel #2 Seller
Our most popular large full symmetrical centerpiece chandelier. Large muledeer antlers with curley whitetail antlers dipping in between the lights. Nice height of 24 inches to cozy over a table.
Approx. size 34" to 36" wide.

CanoeCanoe, Large OVAL and Perfect for a LOW Ceiling.
This is a very popular style to show off your trophies and memories.
Average size 2' tall X 2' wide X 4 feet long.

Double Tier Double Tier Chandelier Stately
This is a stately traditionally styled mule deer chandelier.
Approx. size 4' tall x 40" wide.

Fallow TwistFallow Twist
This chandelier was an instant favorite. Elk and deer antlers compliment.
Approx. size 30" x 40" wide.

A most original flowing combination of over-under curly whitetail antlers.
Approx. size 10" x 24" wide.

Gem Gem Compact
This compact, yet full chandelier is made with curly whitetail antlers.
Approx. size 16" to 18" tall x 25" wide.

JeffersonJefferson GRAND
A beautify sweeping chandelier.
Pictured is 47" tall x 54" wide.

The MonarchMonarch Huge
A commanding spectacular chandelier of Rocky Mountain elk antlers.
Approx. size 5' to 6' wide.

The NorthernerNortherner Massive
The Northerner is a rare combination of many types of antlers.
Pictured size 4' tall x 5' wide.

RosebudRosebud Charming
An elegant Chandelier.
Approx. size 24" x 30" wide or larger.

 SnowflakeSnowflake #3 Choice  Especially for a low ceiling.                                                      The Snowflake is a large, low profile chandelier made full to overlapping with mule deer antlers. 
Approx. size 34" - 36" wide. and less than 12"tall.

Wind RiverWind River
Versatility and classic style make this popular especially with elk antler collectors.
Pictured: 2' tall x 4' wide.

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Canadian Jewel


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Call Jeanne, the owner-artist

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