Custom Made Authentic Antler Chandeliers and Light Fixtures

Canadian Jewel Antler Chandelier

Real Antlers Customized Into Natural Works of Art 

• SINCE 1988, we have been hand crafting real antler chandeliers and lighting. Our experience has elevated us to being recognized internationally.

• We were one of the first original antler designers in the country. We also have associates in Colorado and Belgium.

• We use real naturally shed undyed grade one, antlers. All our hardware is solid antiqued brass, unless requested  differently by the client. By using hardware instead of artificial antler pieces we are able to guarantee straight lights and quality clean lines. Our real rawhide shades are superior without even a side seam. 

• We use our extensive experience to deliver a superior customized product with customer satisfaction. We can even include some of Your Antlers into a truly person product. Check out our Facebook Page, Ragged Mountain Antler Chandeliers, for some current Videos and new custom designs or contact us for our available unique one of a kind items.

 We back our work up with a return policy.

• We tune-in closely to our clients;  both individuals and with designers to make Centerpiece one-of-a-kind pieces for homes, cabins, lodges, business decor and recently for a famous theme park in Shanghai, China.

• Phone for a Free personal consultation. (no obligation or return calls from us) We hope you will call us back.

•Visitors are welcomed at our mountainside studio near Hamilton, Montana to see how this fine art/craft is accomplished.


On top RIGHT our #2 Seller,"The Jewel", it impressively charms everyone in both contemporary or rustic decor. The height fits well into a lower ceiling yet delivers a punch for being full and impressive.  The other items in the photo are available.

 Below: A Custom Designed 4 foot Asymmetrical caribou antler chandelier. Our Customer raved about their gorgeous original chandelier and sent these photos.

Asymmetrical Antler Chandelier

   "We just love it, it fills the space beautifully and it has so much character. We get countless  compliments on this gorgeous addition to our new home. Thanks again, Deb Owczarazak "  

This is similar in design but not size, to the Disney Shanghia,  asymmetrical caribou antler chandelier.





  BELOW:  Original Custom Designed "Caribou Keys"; A 5'X5+'tall caribou chandelier with every angle balanced and blending uniquely.

   R. Colic was quoted 6/9/16 as saying ,"I was very intrigued by the design and look, it is a true work of art,

 Thank you very much for all your time, effort and help.I will have photos soon." 




Save money and memories by providing your own antlers!   More Chandeliers

Canadian Jewel


 For more information 

Call Jeanne, the owner-artist

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Canadian Jewel


 For more information 

Call Jeanne, the owner-artist

(406) 961-2400